Natalie Taylor

book design for
by Stefan Zweig

book design, typography, typeface design

A book I redesigned during my studies in France. As part of this project I also designed the typeface, which is used for the cover, headings and page numbers.

The book is based on the game of chess and takes place on a ship during the 1940s.

The front cover has 4 cut out squares, symbolising where the the king can move on the chess board. This hides the name of the book and author, which points towards the antagonist's closed character. The front page can be seen through the cut out squares, showing a grid. This grid symbolises not only the chess game but also the protagonist's experience of being held captive by the national socialists.

The copy text runs in squares, with a transparent page in between featuring a blue line to help the reader continue onto the correct column.

The typeface is based on a "gebrochene Grotesk", in particular the slants of nazi typefaces such as "National" or "Tannenberg". I created a modern and square version of this to not only represent the chess game, but also show the contrast between the national socialist Czentovic and Dr. B. who stands in opposition to the Nazi regime.

Take a closer look at the typeface that was designed for this project here!